5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $100 To Buy In 2020 (+Buyers Guide)

Finding the best gaming monitors under $100 can be a difficult task. Since gaming monitors are quite expensive and come with lots of features. However, if you are in a tight budget and looking for a gaming monitor that can help you to get done with the job, then I have got you covered.

To help you out, I have handpicked a couple of best gaming monitors under 100 dollars which will give you a decent gaming experience if not the best.

But first, let’s just go ahead and understand what makes a gaming monitor different from a regular monitor.

So here we go:

What is the difference between a gaming monitor and a regular monitor?

  1. One of the key major difference between a regular and a gaming monitor is the technology backing up the monitor. Of course, monitors that are built by keeping gaming in mind will offer you better gaming experience.
  2. The other difference is the refresh rate. Most of the gaming monitors come with a refresh rate of 144hz, which means the screen will get refreshed 144 times per second. And this helps a lot in making games smooth. But the regular monitors only come with a 60Hz refresh rate.
  3. The third factor is the resolution. The better resolution your monitor will offer you the better graphics you will get to enjoy. But most of the regular monitors do not have high-end technologies to support higher resolutions.

Can You Find a Quality Gaming Monitor Under $100?

When it comes to finding a quality gaming monitor under 100 dollars, it seems quite a hard task. Since gaming monitors costs way too much, and it is okay to think that gaming monitors under $100 do not exist.

While it is quite true, but there are quite a lot of monitors that can give you a decent gaming experience. These low priced monitors might not feature high-end specs. But it full fills your gaming requirements, offers you accurate colors and great visuals.

So let’s just go ahead and check out these monitor suggestions over here:

5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $100 To Buy In 2020

1. Acer SB220Q

acer sb220q

First of all, I have the Acer SB220Q. This one is also one of the top gaming monitors that come under a budget. The monitor has a screen size of 21. 5 inches, and it is a full HD monitor that comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Also, it is a widescreen IPS display.

There is also the Radeon free sync technology backing up the monitor. So you will get a better picture quality, and your game will look more realistic. However, it does not have compatibility for the VESA mount.

Talking about the refresh rate, the monitor comes with a refresh rate of 75Hz. And you will only get this much refresh rate if you use the HDMI port.

If we talk about the design, it sports a zero frame design, and it is ultra-thin and comes with 4ms response time. The aspect ratio of the display is 16: 9. Also, it supports 16. 7 million colors and has a brightness level of 250 nits.

2. BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor

acer sb220q

Next, I have the BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor. This one is slightly above priced than our $100 budget, but it is the best budget gaming monitor that you can get.

The monitor comes with the ultra-slim bezels and elegant profile, which will give you a premium feel. Along with that, it sports a 24inch full HD 1080p  IPS panel and offers you full HD IPS widescreen with 1920×1080 resolution, 250 nits of brightness. Also, you will get built-in speakers, so in case if you are planning to use it for a gaming console, you can enjoy the built-in speakers.

Moreover, the monitor also gives you a wide viewing angle. It has a 178° wide viewing angle for Clarity from any viewing angle for a better viewing experience. Plus, it features the proprietary brightness Intelligence Adaptive technology, which adjusts brightness for comfortable viewing.

There is also the low Blue light and zero flicker technology that prevents headaches and eye strain. So you can easily play games for hours without getting tired. The gaming monitor also comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz, and the response time is 8ms, 5ms(GtG).

3. HP Pavilion 22cwa

HP Pavillion 22CWA

HP Pavilion 22cwa is one of the best gaming monitors under $100. This one is a 21.5 inch FULL HD display. And it comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The monitor also has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio and an anti-glare IPS LED-backlit panel (2 million pixels).

The response time of the monitor is 7ms, and it comes with overdrive and vivid color scheme. This helps in making the picture pretty smooth and crisp.

The monitor can also be adjusted as per your viewing. It comes with an adjustable tilt of -5° to 25° with 178° positional viewing for the best quality at any angle. Along with that, it also comes with VESA mounting. As a result, you will be getting a VESA mount adapter, which will allow you to place the display arms and walls. However, the VESA mount needs to be purchased separately.

You will also be getting an HDMI with HDCP support and a VGA port as connectivity options. And you will not find any compatibility issues at all.

4. Sceptre E205W-16003R

 Sceptre 22-Inch 75Hz 1080p LED Monitor

Sceptre E205W-16003R is another pocket-friendly gaming monitor under a budget that you can check out. This one is a 20 inch LED HD+ monitor, and it comes with a high resolution of 1600 x 900.

Moreover, the monitor also comes with fast response time. So it will be super easy for you to play fast action games, watch action-adventure movies and so on.

Along with that, you will also not face issues like ghosting and blurring. So you can enjoy the display with clarity and get a better viewing experience.

Furthermore, the monitor also features built-in speakers which will deliver office-level audio for conference calls and internet workshops. Plus, you will be getting Adaptive-Sync technology.

Adaptive Sync is a technology that closes the gap between the graphics card’s and the monitor’s refresh rates, eliminating image tearing and stuttering in the process. Also, for connectivity options, you are getting 2 x HDMI Ports and 1 VGA Port.

5. Dell E2318HR 23

Dell Monitor

or my last pick, I have the Dell E2318HR 23. This one is slightly above priced than our budget. But it is one of the best gaming monitors that you can check out.

This one is an IPS panel based monitor that offers you 178-degree viewing angles. The monitor also has a 5ms response rate and comes with a 60Hz refresh rate. As a result, the monitor can be used for moderate gaming and day to day tasks. Along with that, the monitor also offers you better picture quality.

Also, it comes with a bunch of other features like you will be getting a removable pedestal and video electronics Standards Association (VESA) 100 mm mounting holes for flexible mounting solutions. On-screen display (OSD) adjustments for ease of set-up and screen optimization and so on.

What’s more? The monitor also comes with one year of warranty.

Best Gaming Monitors Under $100 (Buyers Guide)

So those were some of the top suggestions for the best gaming monitors under a budget. However, choosing a gaming monitor can be a daunting task. There are lots of things that you need to keep in mind while buying a gaming monitor.

Hence, to make it simple for you, I am going to mention a couple of points that you must keep in your mind while shopping for a gaming monitor under a budget. So here we go:

Screen Size:

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a gaming monitor is the screen size.

The most preferred screen size for gaming monitors is 24 inches. If the screen is way too large, it will be hard for you to focus on different parts on the screen at the same time. But when you have the right size of the screen in front of you, you can easily focus on everything.

Talking about the perfect screen size, you can consider getting a monitor that falls between 21 to 24 inches of screen size. Anything smaller than that is not recommended. As most of the modern-day games do not support small screen sizes.

Panel Type:

The next thing that you need to consider is the panel. Monitors these days come with a lot of different panel technologies. Like at one side, you have TN panels or Twisted Nematic panels, there is also the VA or Vertical Alignment VA panels and, In-Panel switching or IPS panels.

However, among these different panel types, TN panels have the fastest refresh rate and pixel response. But it looks dull when you view the screen from the sides. VA panels have a higher contrast ratio, and it delivers you a deeper black and robust colors. But they cause ghosting issues and not good for performance.

Lastly, there are the IPS panels that have broader viewing angles and marvelous color quality. However, they don’t match the pixel quality of TN panels and also cause motion artifacts. However, depending on your likings, you should pick the right panel type. To know more about the display types, you can check this article out.

Response Time:

Response time is one of the main factors to consider in any gaming monitor. Response time is extremely important in competitive games. The response time for an ideal monitor is about 1 to 2 ms. And all the latest monitors come with this feature.

Also, if any monitor has a response rate between 1 to 5 ms is fine. However, you should know the fact that the lower the response rate of a monitor is, the smoother and clearer output it will deliver. Luckily, most of the budget monitors feature a response time of 1 ms.

Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is the second most important thing that you need to consider while buying a gaming monitor. Refresh rate simply how many times the screen refreshes the image per second, and it is measured in Hz.

These days, monitors come in different refresh rates. Like you will find 60Hz, 120hz, 144Hz, 240Hz, and so on.

However, you should keep the fact in mind that the higher refresh rate is the more expensive monitor it will be. Also, 120 Hz is considered as the most preferred option for gaming monitors.

Input and Output Ports:

In the end, you must look at the input and output ports. Look for a monitor that supports different types of input ports like HDMI, DVI, Displayport connectivity, and so on.

However, HDMI and VGA are two of the most common types of input ports that your monitor should have. It will allow you to connect your monitor with your computer or gaming consoles like Xbox or PS4.

You can also consider getting a monitor with a USB port. As it allows you to sync your gaming controllers. However, when you are buying a gaming monitor, do check out what type of output port your computer or graphics card has.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What is better for a gaming dual monitor or a wide monitor?

For gaming, the dual monitor setup is not good. As it will be hard for you to focus on two screens at once. Plus, you will get to see the bezels in the middle of your game. On the other hand, wide gaming monitors will help you to look at the screen without any bezels. Plus, you will get to focus on different parts pretty easily.

What is a good response time for a gaming monitor?

The lower response time your gaming monitor is offering, the better it is. The lowest response time is 1ms, and it will be good for all types of gaming.

What monitor size is best for gaming?

A monitor that has a size between 21 to 24 inches is good for gaming. If the monitor is way too large, it will decrease your productivity. On the other hand, if the screen size is too small, then most of the new generation games will not support it.

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